Mission and Evangelism


Mission and evangelism department, started during the diocese establishment and initially was known as a directorate of evangelism and stewardship and changed its name in 2015.

The department is comprised of three sections including Theological Education and Extension, Christian Education and Church Music.

Up to 30 october 2021, The ELCT- East of lake Victoria Diocese has 8 Districts,61 Parishes and 163 Sub-Parishes, and each Year there is the programe of church planting namelly "ASWA -askofu na Wahubiri"; Preaching the Gospel of Jesus christ to the area were there is no Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Dean Oscar Lema

1.       Managed to operate 9 TEE posts/centres in different areas [Masumbwe; Sengerema; Geita; Nyarugusu; Sima; Misungwi; Magu; N...